Internship Blog 2: Questioning

This standard is important to education because it allows teachers to assess their students understanding of content and having them explain the process they are using.  When students are able to verbalize their thinking, the learning sets in and will have a greater chance of retention.  The evidence I have included for this post is a section from my edTPA lesson sequence where I am Informally assessing their understanding of perimeter and area, and their ability to break a large rectangle into two smaller rectangles and compare their areas.  (For example 6 x 3 rectangle can be as two rectangles added together (3×3) + (3×3).) I designed my questions for students to think about the strategy they were using such as “Why did you build the rectangle this way?  How did you determine the side lengths of the rectangles? What patterns do you notice?”  Thinking of these questions in advance helped me be better prepared when monitoring for student understanding.

This evidence demonstrates emerging competence because I am including the questioning technique in my planning and instruction.  Providing “wait time” can be difficult for me as I am quick to help students understand instead of letting them process on their own.  Open ended questions should be high level thinking so expecting a quick response takes away from their processing.  Questioning and discussions add engagement and participation for students during lessons and are a great strategy for teachers to use for assessment.

Changes or next steps would be to provide more “wait time” when conferencing with individual students or when posing questions to the whole class.  It is important to remember sometimes students need a minute or two to really engage with a high-level question and be given the patience to process and answer when they have a more concrete idea of their response.

Content Knowledge example


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