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EDU 6918-Introduction to Education: Course Reflection

The Master of Arts in Teaching program standard 8 reads as follows:

  1. Professional Practice Criteria– The teacher participates collaboratively in the educational community to improve instruction, advance the knowledge and practice of teaching as a profession, and ultimately impact student learning.

Education 6989, Introduction to Teaching provided opportunities to work closely with peer candidates to broaden understanding of educational issues. Through online group discussions and time set aside in class, we discussed our opinions, thoughts, and experiences related to teaching.  It was a beneficial aspect of the class and I learn best having the chance to share ideas with others and work together to deepen our learning around teaching students.

The group blog working on the Internship Performance analysis was a useful assignment to discover what exemplary teaching looks like on all of the standards.  Working together with group members helped me think of new ways to approach teaching and provide meaningful, high quality instruction.  I was able to provide mutual support with my experience working in independent schools to group members who have yet to have work experience in schools.  I learned from other opinions around some of the standards such as giving informing students on the daily schedule so they can be prepared when its time to focus and when there’s room for recess or open-ended play.  I valued these opportunities and took a lot of ideas away from it.

Discussions with peers around the readings in the modules helped me think deeper about education.  I had rich conversations about Module 2 discussing the historical characteristics of education and major events that shifted the way the public thinks about school.  I engaged in dialogue with peers about important documents and events such as The Coleman report, McCleary vs Washington, and A Nation at Risk.   Our group furthered the discussion about A Nation at Risk in regards to educational reform and how powerful and influential that document was in shifting the public’s thinking and emphasis on education.

This course has allowed me to converse with fellow teacher candidates and deepen our learning on becoming exemplary teachers.  It was helpful to be in class with candidates endorsing in different areas and grade levels than me because it allows to see teaching in a broader sense.  I look forward to having more chances to develop positive, collaborative relationships with peers, professors, faculty, and mentors to fully prepare myself to teach in a classroom.